Get ahead of the VMS innovation curve

Allchem Pharma is happy to present its customers with an exclusive offering for the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements market.

Aquamin is a unique marine-based multi-mineral complex offering bio-active calcium and magnesium for innovative fortification of dietary supplements. It has proven physiological functionality, shown to impact bone, joint & digestive health and this has been supported by over 25 peer-reviewed research publications.

The team at Allchem Pharma considers sustainability to be a key aspect of their business and works to ensure that the product portfolio reflects this approach. Aquamin is vegan, sustainably-sourced, clean-label and completely plant-based. This allows organisations to engage with a wider target audience and be able to add a host of key attributes that can work as unique selling propositions against competition in the market.

Our tablet-grade Aquamin Tg and Aquamin Mg Tg offer a smooth, non-chalky texture with good tableting compressibility and it is also available in food grade.

Please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to discuss sourcing options of Aquamin for your requirements.