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Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Every aspect of the service we provide is subject to regular, independent validation from external parties and auditors. Our established Quality Management System, certified to ISO9001, delivers robust and effective policies and processes, enabling all parts of the organisation to function efficiently and in a controlled manner. We are committed to understanding each client’s requirements, delivering their agreed solutions on time and to budget, and ensuring their expectations are exceeded so we can report the highest levels of client satisfaction. For APIs our GDP Certification is the part of quality assurance that ensures that the quality of a pharmaceutical product is maintained through adequate control throughout the numerous activities which occur during the distribution process.


Active Ingredients

Allchem Pharma has an exhaustive range of active pharmaceutical raw materials and ingredients (API’s), all fully accredited and sourced from audited suppliers. Our API range spans all indications, encompassing active ingredients for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and all medical applications and our Home Office license enables us to supply controlled substances. We have extensive experience in all aspects of the supply chain from evaluating new suppliers through our corporate audit process, customer-specific strategic stock holding capabilities, to ensuring deliveries are made complete and on time. We remove risk and uncertainty from the supply of your critical active ingredients.

Active Ingredients

Excipient Ingredients

Allchem Pharma source and supply an extensive range of high quality and rigorously tested excipients, and through our numerous contacts and partnerships can help you source the perfect raw materials for your needs. Our technical expertise in tablet and capsule manufacture results in our excipients range being particularly attractive and relevant to support producers of oral dosage forms. Excipients available include colouring matters, antioxidants, preservatives, adjuvants, stabilisers, thickeners, emulsifiers, solubilisers, permeation enhancers, flavouring and aromatic substances as well as the constituents of the outer covering of the medicinal products, e.g. gelatine capsules. We take quality seriously and represent some of the world’s leading producers of actives and excipients, supplying from our centrally located warehouses and delivering globally through our specialist logistics providers. All of our excipients and their suppliers are fully audited and certified to give you the assurance and confidence we know that you need.



Allchem Pharma sources a variety of innovative ingredients for the nutraceutical industry. These ingredients are produced by reliable supply partners from around the world and their quality is verified by our experts. With the increasing global focus on health and wellness, it is imperative for companies to have reliable suppliers for their nutraceutical requirements. Allchem Pharma provides an extensive range of high-performance nutraceuticals, ranging from vitamins and minerals to herbal extracts,  with a variety of uses and applications. Help your customers live a healthier life with our range of nutraceutical products.

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ACI takes service very seriously and focuses on putting the Customer and our Suppliers at the heart of our business. Our service model demonstrates we are not a normal distributer but one that looks to take away your headaches. Within the pharma business we are looking at how we can evolve the service to focus more on the environment and worker safety in remote locations and countries around the globe.  We are investigating how we can initiate and sustain a framework between Co-Sourcers and Manufacturers to drive positive change and efficiency. To learn more about our initiative and how you can become part of it please get in contact.

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