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Together with our partners, the ACI team offer years of experience in the pharmaceuticals and finished medicines sector. Innovation and entrepreneurship in solving problems for our customers is a key part of our ethos around the business. We look to foster flexible business relations supporting the growth of our partners.



Buchler specialises in the manufacture of plant extracts designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. The current product portfolio focuses on Cinchona alkaloids and their derivatives as well as quinic acid. Products are naturally sourced from the highest quality botanical resources. Products are selected and sourced through a powerful UTZ and Fairtrade certified organisation, which they have set up with our local partners in Central Africa.


Chemische Fabrik Lehtre

Chemische Fabrik Lehrte has over 130 years of tradition and vast experience in the production of inorganic salts.

Since 2014, CFL has invested substantially in improvements, modernisation and the expansion of production, laboratory and logistic capacity.The CFL Team represents the perfect balance of experience, innovation and diligence who can dilute and crystallise; mix, mill and grind; offer liquid solutions; all according to our Customer requirements.



Novasep offers a wide range of services for the pharmaceutical industry. The company provides a full range of CDMO services for APIs and is also a leading supplier of preoperative chromatography equipment.
Novasep provides flexible development and manufacturing solutions for APIs & intermediates to innovators at a comprehensive range of production scales.

Expertise in specialised technologies: industrial chromatography, HPAPIs, hazardous & low temperature reactions
Strength of process chemistry
Outstanding quality assurance track record
Flexible and collaborative approach
customised engineering solutions
Multi-site API manufacturing capabilities


Chemische Fabrik Berg

Founded in 1953, CF Berg started as a spin-off from Wilhelm Berg KG which was owned by a well-known German industrial family. Today, Chemische Fabrik Berg is recognized as a global supplier for the pharmaceutical industry.

They are permanently adapting their product portfolio and the scope of our custom manufacturing abilities to the needs of the market.

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We are well trusted by many well known household brands and have a wealth of experience of taking away our customer and suppliers headaches using our logistical partners.

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